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The rhombus is an ancient symbol of fertility. Of the two opposite triangles, one represents feminine and the other masculine power.
The dot in the middle of the rhombus represents a grain, a new beginning, the continuity of life.

Amethyst helps open and balance the third eye and crown chakra, calms emotions and home energies, supports meditation.
The dots in the center of the diamonds are green aventurine, a crystal with vibrations of well-being and abundance. He also supports the creation and persistence of clarity and peace in the human heart.

Rock crystal and rose quartz crystals cover the sides of the lamp. Rock crystal as a Master Healer cleanses and strengthens a person's aura and protects against electromagnetic radiation. As a crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz helps to open the heart chakra and receive any kind of love. Supports calmness, self-esteem and the growth of creativity.

The combination of pattern and crystals in this lamp radiates vibrations of order, fertility, love, peace and clarity.

Harmony lamp

    • Height 102.5 cm
    • Width 20x20cm
    • Weight 19.7 kg
    • Oak wooden base (25x25cm)
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3 cm
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
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