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The flame symbolizes the element of Fire, purgatory, warmth, different levels of consciousness.

The design of this lamp symbolizes the ascent of consciousness through different levels: the flame of consciousness pulsates upward, passing cyclically through levels of purification (horizontal shapes of amethyst) on its way.

Carnelian is an awakener of inner strength, a warm and supportive stone. Carries the energies of the Primordial Mother, helps to connect with your Inner Child. Balances the sacral chakra, relieves sadness and fear. Amethyst helps open and balance the third eye and crown chakra, calms emotions, supports meditation and balances the energies of the home.

Milky agates form the background. Agate creates emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It works slowly, gives strength and strength, creates a sense of security and dissolves internal tensions.

Together, a whole is formed that supports both mental and physical health, which creates a mood of warmth and peace in the room.

Crystal lamp "Flame of Life"

    • Height 72cm
    • Width 20x20cm
    • Weight 13.8 kg
    • Oak base 25x25cm
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3 cm
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