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This lamp consists mostly of rose quartz. Only one red line of carnelian crystals pierces each side of the lamp longitudinally, forming a cross on top of the lamp. The cross has been considered an effective protective image since ancient times. Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It helps to open the heart chakra, love yourself and receive any kind of love. Also, rose quartz supports calmness, relief of stress and tension, growth of self-esteem and creativity. In the vicinity of this lamp, gentleness and goodness come into effect, confidence in oneself and the world grows. Rose quartz is also helpful for those who have survived betrayal or lost a soulmate. It helps lower blood pressure and brings the heart back to the right rhythm, calms and brings good sleep.

Carnelian is an awakener of inner strength, a warm and supportive stone. She carries the energies of the Primordial Mother and helps you connect with your Inner Child. Carnelian balances the sacral chakra and relieves sadness and fear.

The effect of the lamp is gentle and calming. The whole formed by the interaction of crystals and light creates an atmosphere of clarity, purity and benevolence in the room and boosts the immune system. Due to the effect of this lamp, synchronicity with the rhythms of the Universe improves, thoughts become clearer, the heart opens and the vibration in the room and the human body rises.


The lamp is only available by pre-order!

Crystal lamp "Inner power"

    • Height 104cm
    • Width 18x18cm
    • Oak base 25x25cm
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3cm
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
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