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Who are we?

Introduction to the Crystal Fairies

Various wonderful and experienced therapists and healers periodically work in the crystal chamber. You can contact the Crystal Chamber and ask if you would like to organize your own therapy in the Crystal Chamber or become a crystal fairy of the permanent team.

For more than 10 years, Elisabeth Sau has been practicing shamanism and holistically healing the body and mind using natural methods. For the past 3 years, Elisabeth has also immersed herself in the world of Tantra, bringing people awareness about sexuality.
Elisabeth uses a variety of practices in her healing sessions including Shamanism, Crystal Therapy, Systematic Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Life Activation, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Healing with Essential Oils and Mindful Touch, Reflexology, Drumming Journeys and Meditations, Tantra, Bioresonance, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Sound Therapy, Breathwork and others.


One of his missions is to help people reconnect with their true nature and reconnect with nature. Magic is all around us and small prayers and rituals can have a big positive impact on our lives - Elisabeth helps people rediscover that magic and guides you on a journey into the subconscious to meet your power animals and heal your inner child.

Elisabeth walks on the wheel of Peruvian shamanic medicine following the teachings of Peruvian, English and Estonian shamanism and helps to remove lower frequency energies stored in the body's cellular memory, helps to let go of external unfavorable energies - huachas, negative thought forms, patterns, inharmonious connections, bonds, helps to let go of traumas stored in the body and repressed of emotions. With high-vibration sounds and voice, it helps to raise the frequency and illuminate the cells of the body


Elisabeth has studied as a crystal healer in Great Britain, she listens to crystal guidance and often uses the crystal matrix in healing. He is the main caretaker of the Crystal Chamber and receives people for individual sessions and shares recommendations on crystal topics.


As a certified Tao Tantric arts teacher/instructor, he offers seminars and workshops for women on the topics of conscious sexuality, as well as yoni-muna workshops. Helps to get back in touch with your sexuality and sensuality and helps to open the kundalini energy in the body through practices and tantric energy massage. Elisabeth had a kundalini opening experience a few years ago and since then this energy has become a part of her daily life and she uses this energy for healing. He can be contacted if there are questions about the integration of kundalini energy.

She loves helping women remember their divinity and find balance in relationships through polarity to manifest the radiant goddess nature in their lives.

Elisabeth also works as a high-frequency brand designer, and you can talk to her about logo ceremonies if you want to create a really powerful image for your business.

Helena is our essential oil fairy. He has been working in the wonderful world of doTerra oils for 4 years. Since then, these wizards have been his everyday reliable companions in life. She uses essential oils and her good intuition to support herself and clients, protect and cleanse spaces and objects, create lightness, make requests, raise vibrations, etc. Helena believes that they are ideal aids in preventing diseases and viruses and, if necessary, in dealing with them, and offers powerful AromaTouch massages with amoame oils in the Crystal Chamber.


He also alchemizes together magic oil rollers, cognitively with the help of a pendulum and cards for people individually and makes body scrubs and bath salts with them, which can be smelled and bought in the waiting room of the Center for Consciousness Therapy. 

Helena also offers tantric yoni and lingam massages to open the client's energetic body to new levels of sensitivity and helps people heal from sexual trauma.

Helena also feels a connection with shamanism and has been doing rituals since she was a child, which are intuitively used in shamanism. Her connection with nature and subtle energies also manifests in her AromaTouch massage sessions.


Helena helps to create and maintain space for various events, providing support to the organizer/organizers as well as guests/participants. Experience has shown over the years that Helena knows how to be there at the right moment for those who need it. His mission is to show others around him that creativity has no limits, abundance accompanies us everywhere and everything is and everything can be. Helena knows how to bring people closer to the things that make their hearts beat and their souls sing, shining brightly herself and sharing it all around her. Helena feels that thanks to the essential oils, she is who she is today, every moment closer to her true nature, more and more in touch with her higher self.


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Reiki sessions, channeling, triggering alchemical processes

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Life activation, channeling, mentoring, unlocking higher potential, group meditations

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