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Crystal chamber

What is a Crystal Chamber session?

Crystal chamber is wonderful crystal-, color, light- and sound therapy community, where is aggregated 200,000 crystals ja the power of sacred geometry. A visit to the crystal chamber is a unique and inspiring experience that takes you out of everyday life, relieves tension and recharges you with new energy. Complex therapy has an energetic effectcleansingandharmonizing,restoring the balance necessary for the well-being of the human body. All you need to do is relax, let go of all the obstacles and allow the crystal energies to gently do their work!

If you go to the chamber with a doubt or question, the crystals will help you find the answer and come to a decision. Indulging in the vibrations of crystals, light and colors vitality is restored, thoughts become clearer, emotions calm down. In the crystal chamber, you will feel your true nature and inner space more clearly. Crystal clarity and deep peace flow into you.

The rhythm of alternating colored soft light at a calm pace combined with the gentle but powerful vibration of crystals affects the human body at the cellular level, creating a sense of security and opening you up to new possibilities. Everyone can choose the background music according to your wishes (eg mantras, gongs, nature sounds, whale language, cosmic sounds).

Crystal chamber effect


As intelligent living beings, crystals have the ability to tune into our energy fields. It is a breeze for crystals to understand and organize the secrets of our subconscious. The latter often live "their own lives", strongly influencing our reality, unfortunately sometimes doing so in an unwanted direction.Discontent in our physical body, which may manifest as stress, pain or illness, is a messenger of some energetic blockage that crystal energies can gently release.Many people who love crystals have dreamed of such a Crystal Chamber, where crystals are included in the creation of a space with good energy already at the construction stage. 

Structure of the crystal chamber


This decagonal space with an outwardly simple geometry is composed of fourteen specially selected crystal-encrusted modules.The Crystal Chamber is home to approximately 200,000  crystals, placed one by one by the master's conscious hand.Various crystals have been chosen to decorate the walls and ceiling of the crystal chamber so that they equally support all seven main chakras of a person. Represented are  rock crystal,  amethyst, sodalite, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian and smoky quartz. Through all the crystals in the   chamber, light of a different tone is guided, which, passing through the crystals, acts as a natural laser, amplifying the balancing and cleansing effect of the human energy body.In addition, the colored light passing through the crystals also affects the basic vital parameters of the organism. An interactive sound system is also installed in the crystal chamber, through which crystal therapy sessions are guided. Thanks to its empowering properties, the Crystal Chamber is an ideal place for performing various healing and therapies (reiki, various types of massages, meditations, etc.).


Shamanic healing

What is a Shamanic Healing Session in the Crystal Chamber?

Body de-armouring

What is a Body de-armouring healing session in the Crystal Chamber?

Body Dearmouring is a therapy where we release the body's energetic armor - traumas and emotions that we have stored in the cellular memory during our life, which we have not fully experienced or integrated. This protective burden stored in the body adds stress to our nervous system and keeps the body's energetic frequency lower. It hinders the flow of our life force and sexual energy, our ability to connect from the heart, and affects our behavior patterns and relationship with ourselves and others. By freeing yourself from this burden, the body becomes more sensitive and sexual energy can flow more freely, the sense of well-being increases and behavior patterns can change, and self-love can grow to new levels.


Tantric energy massage

What is the Tantric energy massage in the Crystal Chamber?

Energetic tantra massage brings your energetic body to life and opens the flow of kundalini energy, which can help you feel more sexual energy  and opens channels for a new flow of creation. Energetic tantra massage consists of several stages. First of all, we will do energy-raising exercises together and release tension from the hips. Then we activate the microcosmic orbit and wake up the energetic body. Then you can experience an energetic tantra massage without hands and feel the kundalini energy in your body. This process can be very enjoyable but also release difficult blocking emotions and take you deep into meditation. It can lead to altered states of consciousness like herbal medicine and open doors to new depths in feeling your body.



What is AromaTouch?a healing session in the Crystal Chamber?

The AromaTouch™ Technique is a method of applying dōTERRA therapeutic essential oils using touch, massage techniques. What makes the aroma massage method special is that it is performed along the energy meridians and acupressure points known in Chinese medicine, which are located on the back, hands and feet. The gentle, rhythmic touch works harmoniously with the aroma of the best quality therapeutic oils that reach deep into the tissues and provide the support needed in that particular area. Doterra essential oils reach every cell in our body in 20 seconds. In this way, our autonomic nervous system gets support, and thanks to this, physical and mental stress is reduced and the body's balance (homeostasis) is restored. The body begins to heal itself and the energy reserves are restored. Aromatouch technique is a gentle but extremely powerful natural healing method that combines the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, meridian and acupoint treatment, various massage techniques, aromatherapy and aroma massage, and many other useful techniques. We combine eight different dōTERRA oils with therapeutic properties in a specific order based on a specific system. Each oil has a role in this therapy. Effects of AromaTouch™ Technique Aromatouch therapy is truly powerful. Zone therapy with oils is many times more powerful than a regular aroma massage, while the oils have their role here in grounding, bringing you to a state of deep peace, increasing immunity, moving energies, invigorating the spirit, holistic healing..


Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

What is the Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony in the Crystal Chamber?

Plants have long been used to expand human consciousness and connect to higher states. Also known as the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile or the Flower of the Enlightenment, the Blue Lotus has been revered by many ancient cultures and civilizations from Ancient Egypt to the Ancient Greeks, Tibetans, Alexandrian Empire, Mayans and Aborigines and has been found as far back as Roman times. The blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is an ethnobotanical treasure - for thousands of years it was used in ancient Egypt as part of religious ceremonies to reach higher levels of consciousness and connect with divinity, the cosmos and lead to soul development. Since ancient times, blue lotus flowers have been soaked in wine and used as a sacrament, it is said to nullify the negative effects of alcohol. It has a long history as a medicinal plant.


Traditionally used as a sleep aid, detoxifier and aphrodisiac, it is rich in antioxidants and is even widely used in Ayurveda to relieve diarrhoea, fever, urinary problems and palpitations. Its effects are subtle, helping you to wander more easily in your dreams, increase your libido, and help you dive into the depths of intimacy and sacred connection.


Blue lotus can be somewhat hallucinogenic when consumed in large quantities or in a hyperconcentrated form. This plant seems to have a natural intelligence and acts as an adaptogen, helping everyone with what they need - some find it mildly stimulating, others find it calming. It can find a place that needs healing and directs energy there, balancing the body and bringing us to the place within itself.


Blue lotus can be used for lucid dreaming, it can help your subconscious to communicate and understand messages and connect with spirit guides.


Potential healing properties of blue lotus

It is a mild sedative

The blue lotus flower contains alkaloids, tannins, phenolic acids and flavonoids. The alkaloids apomorphine and nuciferine in the plant help release dopamine and serotonin to affect your mood and produce a mild psychoactive effect that can induce mild euphoria. He calms down and helps us sleep well. A cup of blue lotus flower tea can help lower stress levels and make you less anxious and anxious. Lotus flowers are used in Eastern medicine to calm emotional disorders. Apomorphine has also been associated with reducing anxiety levels.


May reduce signs of aging

The blue lotus flower contains antioxidants that can help fight free radicals and slow the early signs of aging. Studies have shown that blue lotus flower extract can significantly reduce acne.


May reduce menstrual disturbances

In Ayurveda and Siddha (ancient Indian systems of medicine), blue lily (Nymphaea stellata), a closely related plant, is often used to treat menstrual disorders.

Blue lotus flower tea can relieve cramps and also stabilize the menstrual cycle.


Anti-diabetic properties

Drinking a cup of blue lotus tea can help prevent or delay diabetes because it lowers cholesterol levels in the body and contains components that help regulate insulin secretion, such as nuciferin and nymphayol. However, this herb should not be consumed by patients who are taking anti-diabetic medications as blood sugar levels may drop to dangerous levels. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.


Lucid Dreaming

As a spiritual practice, blue lotus flower tea is often consumed to induce or intensify lucid dreaming.


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