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Crystal chamber
What is a Crystal Chamber session?

Crystal chamber is wonderful crystal-, color, light- and sound therapy community, where is aggregated 200,000 crystals ja the power of sacred geometry. A visit to the crystal chamber is a unique and inspiring experience that takes you out of everyday life, relieves tension and recharges you with new energy. Complex therapy has an energetic effectcleansingandharmonizing,restoring the balance necessary for the well-being of the human body. All you need to do is relax, let go of all the obstacles and allow the crystal energies to gently do their work!

If you go to the chamber with a doubt or question, the crystals will help you find the answer and come to a decision. Indulging in the vibrations of crystals, light and colors vitality is restored, thoughts become clearer, emotions calm down. In the crystal chamber, you will feel your true nature and inner space more clearly. Crystal clarity and deep peace flow into you.

The rhythm of alternating colored soft light at a calm pace combined with the gentle but powerful vibration of crystals affects the human body at the cellular level, creating a sense of security and opening you up to new possibilities. Everyone can choose the background music according to your wishes (eg mantras, gongs, nature sounds, whale language, cosmic sounds).

Crystal chamber effect

As intelligent living beings, crystals have the ability to tune into our energy fields. It is a breeze for crystals to understand and organize the secrets of our subconscious. The latter often live "their own lives", strongly influencing our reality, unfortunately sometimes doing so in an unwanted direction.Discontent in our physical body, which may manifest as stress, pain or illness, is a messenger of some energetic blockage that crystal energies can gently release.Many people who love crystals have dreamed of such a Crystal Chamber, where crystals are included in the creation of a space with good energy already at the construction stage. 

Structure of the crystal chamber

This decagonal space with an outwardly simple geometry is composed of fourteen specially selected crystal-encrusted modules.The Crystal Chamber is home to approximately 200 000  crystals, placed one by one by the master's conscious hand.Various crystals have been chosen to decorate the walls and ceiling of the crystal chamber so that they equally support all seven main chakras of a person. Represented are  rock crystal,  amethyst, sodalite, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian and smoky quartz. Through all the crystals in the   chamber, light of a different tone is guided, which, passing through the crystals, acts as a natural laser, amplifying the balancing and cleansing effect of the human energy body.In addition, the colored light passing through the crystals also affects the basic vital parameters of the organism. An interactive sound system is also installed in the crystal chamber, through which crystal therapy sessions are guided. Thanks to its empowering properties, the Crystal Chamber is an ideal place for performing various healing and therapies (reiki, various types of massages, meditations, etc.).

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Private meditative crystal, light, color and sound therapy session in the Crystal Chamber (without therapist)

The session is controlled with the help of a special interactive control system. After starting the session, everything else happens automatically. mantras, gongs, nature sounds, whale language, cosmic sounds  etc). The session ends automatically according to the selected session length. It is possible to come to the sessionalone or together. 

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Private meditative crystal, light, color and sound therapy session in the crystal chamber with therapist Elisabeth

Elisabeth Sau practices shamanic healing and crystal therapy, removes unfavorable energies  and balances the energy centers of the body by channeling the energy of sounds, voice, crystals and light. Elisabeth's reception hours are ER from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on weekends by special request.

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Group session in the Crystal Chamber  (maximum 8 people in the group)

The session takes place in the Crystal Chamber and the session participants sit on comfortable cushions on the floor of the chamber. The group session is conducted by an instructor chosen by the participants. If desired please contact us to agree on the time and conditions.


Other events in the Crystal Chamber (maximum 8 people in the group)

If you wish to hold any events in the Crystal Chamber, please contact us to agree on the time and conditions.

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