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Gäthlin Haljaste
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Self-development coach and psychological counselor-therapist


I have studied psychology, organizational behavior, and body-oriented psychotherapy, as well as counseling, the science of mental well-being, and results coaching. Graduated from the private school of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy TEADLIK MINA training in body psychotherapy, graduated from the University of Tartu, studied organizational behavior at the University of Tallinn. This year, I will continue to improve myself in the field of constellations and the influence of the family of origin and the integration of trauma at the Estonian Institute of Constellations. I am a member of SOMA: Body Psychotherapy Association and Estonian Personnel Management Association PARE. My previous paid work has been related to people development and supporting managers.


I have a personal experience of k-ptsh (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) and managed to recover to a large extent, and I dare to say from my experience that a happy life is possible even after a very difficult childhood. My special interest is inner balance and self-realization, and the fact that what are these hindering factors, when everything seems to be fine on paper, but there are still internal obstacles ahead. I deal with solutions.


Who has received help?

  • I have helped people who are going through a divorce, who are changing their lives, who are making career turns, who are planning, but don't dare, and also those who are going to learn a new job in order to still realize their dreams._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ I have helped to gain clarity, open new angles and look together at what is hidden under the carpet. If there is clarity in the house, all decisions will come by themselves.

  • I have helped parents to understand their children. I have always said that there is no such thing as a probationary childhood. Children's normal is what they see every day at home and they keep growing every day. Situations that are simple for adults can be existential crises for children, where they fear for their lives and experience great trauma. Parents are responsible for their children because children are small and parents are big. Parents give and children take.

  • I have also been there for grief, but that grief is not always about the loss of a person. We go through the same emotional process for any loss that is important to us, for example we mourn a life that never came, a relationship that ended, or dreams that fell apart. It all has the same emotional process behind it - shock, denial, bargaining, anger, reconciliation and moving on - and oscillating between these stages until finally the issue is resolved and stability is established.


Suppressing emotions and feelings works temporarily, but time doesn't actually heal wounds - soul wounds are healed by what we do with ourselves and those wounds during that time. There are patches and there are cures. I am sure that help is always there, it's just a matter of whether we are ready to ask for it or accept it. You can't help anyone by force. People change, but only if they want to.

I offer psychological support in coping with stress and oneself. I can help if you have self-development questions or if you're going through a difficult situation in life or if you  need someone to talk to about it all.


More information about me:



phone: 5629 6995

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