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Ilona Leppik

You are happy and all-powerful when you are healthy, satisfied with yourself, your family, your work, your life - then you are balanced.  The most important thing is that we can keep the balance between body and mind in life, then we will be happy.


Body, mind, soul are connected. If one of them goes out of balance, it immediately affects the entire energy system of a person - fatigue, illness, sadness, stress, tension, bad thoughts, etc. occur.

Your body reflects your thoughts and feelings. If you know how to listen to your body's messages, you can prevent and alleviate physical ailments, at the same time getting rid of stress, tension and thought patterns stuck in the subconscious.


During my therapy session, I always try to find the right treatment method for the client. Using ancient oriental techniques and therapies, creating balance between body and mind.


You are welcome to my reception if you wish:

  • get rid of physical tension and  pain in the body

  • find balance in yourself again

  • increase your confidence

  • strengthen emotional and physical vitality

  • get rid of suppressed soul wounds


A healthy, stress-free and joy-filled life! Miracles!


Phone - 56611184


Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, reiki, cupping therapy, crystal therapy, energy work.


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