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The meander pattern is a primordial carrier of masculine energy, it also has a protective function.

The meander of this lamp is black tourmaline, one of the strongest protective crystals and a powerful spiritual healer. Protects against electromagnetic radiation and malevolent energy. Increases vitality, grounds, stimulates practical creativity.

Rock crystal and citrine form the background. Citrine is a powerful abundance stone that attracts prosperity, wealth, success. It helps to connect with the Divinity in oneself and to be in one's center. A powerful cleanser and renewer, opens and balances the solar plexus, calms fears, depression and nervousness. The rock crystal of the master healer removes energetic blocks, enriches a person's aura, brings clarity and purity.

This lamp radiates Divine abundance, security and protection, creating an atmosphere of success, clarity and dignity in the room, thus suitable for public and work spaces. At home, this lamp helps to oscillate in the waves of royalty and success and anchors these energies in the user's daily life.


The lamp is only available by pre-order.

Crystal lamp "Abundance and Protection"

    • Height 102.5 cm
    • Width 20x20cm
    • Weight 21.1 kg
    • Oak base 25x25cm
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3 cm
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
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