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This lamp consists mostly of rose quartz. Each facet of the lamp is pierced by lines going diagonally upwards, which form a square when they meet on the top facet of the lamp. The dot in the middle of the square represents the grain, iva, a new beginning.
Amethyst is an exceptionally powerful and high-vibration stone of protection. It has the power to cleanse, heal and raise spiritual awareness. It opens intuition and stimulates the third eye and crown chakra. It also helps to get rid of addictions and blockages, relieves pain and tension.

Unconditional love crystal rose quartz helps to open the heart chakra and receive any kind of love. His influence is calming and supportive.
This lamp promotes emotional, spiritual and physical healing and balance, creates an atmosphere of spiritual clarity, purity and love in the room. By the effect of the lamp, the synchronicity with the rhythms of the Universe improves, the thinking becomes clearer, the heart opens, and the vibration in the room and the human body rises.


The lamp is only available by pre-order.

Crystal lamp "Inner peace"

    • Height 102cm
    • Width 19x19cm
    • Weight 16 kg
    • Oak wooden base (25x25cm)
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3 cm
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
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