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The lotus flower symbolizes purity, perfect love, beauty and enlightenment.

The construction of the lotus flower symbolizes the mutual influence of the feminine and masculine elements, fertility, vitality and rebirth.


The lotus plant symbolizes purity rising from the mud, spiritual awakening, great personal changes, a journey towards peace and balance, leading from darkness to light, from innocence to conscious wisdom.


The lotus flower also symbolizes the seven energy centers or chakras in our body.

The most famous mantra "om mani padme hum" means "gem in the lotus", "truth in the lotus" or "lightning in the lotus".


The lotus flower in this image is made of rose quartz. Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It helps open the heart chakra, accept love and love yourself, promotes the growth of confidence, self-esteem and creativity and has a calming effect. The delicate translucent crystals of rose quartz on the flower petals let negative energy pass through them, transform it into positive energy of tenderness, kindness and understanding and spread it around the room.


The edges of the petals and the dots representing the seven chakras are carnelian. Warmly glowing carnelian is an awakening of inner strength, a supporting stone. She carries the energies of the Primordial Mother and helps you connect with your Inner Child. Balances the sacral chakra and relieves sadness and fear.


The lucky stone peach pink aventurine brings abundance, optimism, creativity and a sense of well-being. Helps you connect with your higher self, supports the passage of life lessons, dissolves negative energy patterns. As a root chakra crystal, it strengthens vitality and sexuality and balances male and female energies.


The lotus leaf is made up of green, red and moss hyacinths.Green agate keeps away negative energy, cleanses and helps to look into the future, supports decision-making and inner flexibility. Red agate supports the Inner Child and intergenerational relationships. Sammalachaat is a crystal of new beginnings, promotes optimism, trust and hope, self-expression and communication. Attracts abundance.A stabilizing and balancing stone, strongly connected to nature. Samalachhaad has another good quality - it helps people of the mind to get in touch with their feelings and intuition, and people of feeling to channel their energies in a practical way.

The background of the picture is formed by gray (milky) agates of different shades. As a strong protective stone, it supports a person in difficult situations. Dissolves internal tensions, creates a sense of security and gives strength. Stabilizes energies and harmonizes yin and yang, creating emotional, physical and intellectual balance.


Artist experience

The motif of the lotus flower came spontaneously and intuitively, as a clear vision. The choice of stones was also based on intuition and also simple, because the elements depicted in the picture are of this color in nature. Rose quartz, with its gentle, gentle and loving energy, is a personal favorite of mine anyway, so it naturally took center stage in the picture. Carnelian added passion, green agates earthiness. When taking a picture, everyone expresses their own essence and puts themselves in the picture whether they like it or not. When I finally started making the background, where a fairly large surface had to be filled with different shades of gray agates representing water and the sky, I was having a week where I was emotionally unbalanced, insecure, having unsupportive thoughts and acting brittle. After days of rummaging around in a box of gray agates, rolling them one by one in my hand and matching them to the picture, at one moment I felt with amazing clarity that a strange peace had come to me, a certain inner knowledge that all difficult situations will be resolved, everything will be alright. This feeling was so strong that I searched the internet for information about the effect of agate and had to admit that it did the job for me. Internally harmonious and balanced, I emerged from my emotional difficulties, which had largely existed only in my own head. And everything is better than ever. Looking at the finished picture, I feel that it was a process of cleansing, calming and improvement. I hope that this will be reflected in the picture, wherever and with whomever he finds his place.

Crystal picture "Lotus flower"


    • Oak frame
    • Dimensions 93x68x4.5cm
    • Weight 18.3kg
    • Crystal fragment size 1-3cm
    • Approximately 2000 crystals
    • High-quality LED solution with Paulmann remote control
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